My Pilates Resolution

To read about my Pilates Resolution for 2012 and my reasons for doing it click here.

You can also read about my wager and my rules.


4 Responses to My Pilates Resolution

  1. Zoe says:

    Hello from the UK Laura
    I just found your site and am intrigued about your mission, a bit envious that you have the time to practise daily AND put together such a great looking blog – but I’m very supportive Laura, good luck! I might take the baton from you next year if you fancy handing it along? Why not now?

    I have two busy little girls – one just started school and I’m in the 2nd year of my own teaching business. However it’s really inspiring and motivating to see you challenge yourself in our shared passion of Pilates. It’s such a brilliant combination of mind, body & spirit and has nourished and improved every aspect of my life since I made a commitment to it.

    Wishing you loads of luck

    Zoe Fisher

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Zoe, I would love to pass the torch along to you next year. I am so happy that my blog has been inspiring people! I am very lucky to work for a great Pilates studio and physio practice that has many locations around Perth so it makes it easier to fit it in, and ofcourse the Pilates anytime website. Wishing you a great year with your girls and business!

  2. Zoe says:

    I have shared your link on my fisherpilates Facebook page too?

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