Day 32 – private session with Chael at LIVe Pilates

Day 32 – the first day of February, meaning the date is the visually pleasing 1.2.12 and the first day of the second month of my Pilates Resolution.

Today I had a private session with Chael, director of education at LIVe Pilates, and former director of entertainment for her kids on school holidays (schools in Western Australia went back today).

Today we worked mainly on my obliques and serratus anterior connection with lots of rotational work. I always find this focused specific work mentally taxing but rewarding. Interestingly I do much better with visual feedback like watching myself in a mirror. I find it fascinating how some people respond better to visual cues, imagery or feedback, while others may do far better with auditory or tactile. I’ve always been more of a visual learner in general and find it helpful to take notes on things and write lists while my sister was always more of an auditory learner preferring audio books and music. I’d also love to know of this type of preference is innate or something that develops over time and is perhaps able to change. If you have thoughts on this topic I’d love to hear from you.


About Laura

I am a practising physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor living in Newcastle, Australia. My interests include chronic pain, Pilates for rehabilitation, gymnastics and the brain/mind body connection. I love shopping, skiing and travelling and hate watermelon.
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