Day 24 – studio semi private with Audrey and group reformer with Owen

Day 24 – today I had the luxury of being able to attend two separate classes in the one day. First up was a studio semi private (1:3) with Audrey Ng, Polestar Pilates educator, at Performance Physiotherapy and Pilates.


I’m not quite sure how this happened, but this was actually my first semi-private studio session of the year. Last year this was easily my favourite type of session to do (well actually privates have always been my favourite but unfortunately my bank account usually protests). I think because I teach so many semi private classes I have somehow missed the fact that I haven’t done one myself. That and the fact that I have fallen in love with Pilates Anytime and group reformer classes.

Which brings me to class number two. A group reformer class at LIVe Pilates South Perth taught by LIVe CEO Owen Hutchinson.

Here I learnt the potential perils of doing two classes in one day. By some strange coincidence both Audrey and Owen choose many of the same exercises. Today I did hundreds of repetitions of sidelying footwork, sidelying feet in straps ( poor gluts…), long spine and bridging. I’m looking on the bright side and being thankful for the chance to work on my endurance 🙂


About Laura

I am a practising physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor living in Newcastle, Australia. My interests include chronic pain, Pilates for rehabilitation, gymnastics and the brain/mind body connection. I love shopping, skiing and travelling and hate watermelon.
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