Day 21 – Pilates Anytime Playlist 30 day challenge

Day 21 – Today I was absolutely stoked to discover that I was part of the inspiration behind the new Pilates Anytime feature “playlists” and very honoured to be mentioned in their blog. One of their playlists is the 30 day challenge, encouraging members with some experience in Pilates to keep up the consistency in their exercise.


Today I choose to do both day 1 and day 2 of the 30 day challenge playlist. The day 1 class, New Year Workout with Kristi Cooper, is only 12 minutes and so only doing day 1 wouldn’t satisfy my daily quota of a minimum 15 minutes Pilates per day. So I just added the day 2 class, a 30 minute mat class also with Kristi, onto the first class.


The first class, at only 12 minutes, was a great little mini workout and would be perfect to fit in during the day. One of the reasons I wanted to make this commitment to daily Pilates practice was to prove to myself and others that “I don’t have time” is not an excuse to not exercise. There is a ton of research to show that 30 minutes a day of exercise (which is what I have set as my minimum daily average time) is sufficient to improve your health and help prevent and/or cure the vast majority of chronic illnesses. Not only this but your 30 minutes of daily exercise can be cumulative. That is you don’t have to do it all at once. Just squeeze in Kristi’s 12 minute workout 3 times in the day and your done. Do you really not have 12 minutes to spare?

The second class was set up as an introduction to some of the more advanced matwork exercises. As I am primarily a rehab Pilates instructor, I am all about the modifications and technique. I often cringe when I see people attempting exercises that are far beyond their ability with poor technique and poor muscular control. Kristi’s class was fantastic as a way to demonstrate how you can still get a great workout with modified exercises. It is a very useful class to learn and practice the set up and technique of the harder exercises without actually having to do the full version just yet 🙂


About Laura

I am a practising physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor living in Newcastle, Australia. My interests include chronic pain, Pilates for rehabilitation, gymnastics and the brain/mind body connection. I love shopping, skiing and travelling and hate watermelon.
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