Day 10 – Mat class at LIVe Pilates and reflections on my first Pilates experiences

Day 10 – It is a glorious day in Perth today and what better way to start it then by walking around the river front to South Perth to do a Pilates class. Today’s class was taught by Anna at LIVe Pilates South Perth and was a lovely basic level mat class. Anna trained through Art of Motion and her class demonstrated the lovely flow of this contemporary school. The exercise sequencing and fluidity of the class was superb.





During the class one of the participants commented that it was too easy. Ofcourse once Anna corrected her technique she didn’t find it so easy. This reminded me of my first experiences with Pilates. After retiring from gymnastics at 17 I joined my local gym in Newcastle looking for new ways to exercise. Body Balance, a Les Mills mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi choreographed to music, quickly became my favourite class. When I moved to Sydney to study physiotherapy I was forced to change gyms and found they didn’t offer Body Balance but was encouraged to try Pilates instead. I found the first couple of classes I took boring and easy. Despite this I did enjoy the stretching component and a deep set belief engrained from the years of gymnastics that my self worth was defined by how well I could do the splits meant I persisted on and off for about 6 months before giving up for the cheaper exercise option of running around the block.

In my second year of university I started casual work as a receptionist at a physio practice, Physiowise. They also taught Pilates and so the poor student in me took the opportunity to do their classes after I finished work. I will never forget that first class with Thuy. It included lots of mobility and stretching based exercises so naturally I thought I was really good at them. An hour and about a million corrections later I ‘got’ Pilates.

Two years later I had started teaching and the rest, as they say, is history.

I read in a magazine recently that Scarlett Johansen had taken up Pilates and was quoted as saying “Pilates is easy, if you do it wrong.” I don’t know if Scarlett really does Pilates or really said that, but either way I think it sums it up quite nicely.

Gisele doing Pilates 🙂


About Laura

I am a practising physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor living in Newcastle, Australia. My interests include chronic pain, Pilates for rehabilitation, gymnastics and the brain/mind body connection. I love shopping, skiing and travelling and hate watermelon.
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