Day 5 – Mat Pilates by the beach

Pilates aside, today was an amazing day. Four wineries, cheese factory, chocolate factory, olive oil and soap factory, beach, swim, walk, see WILD PENGUIN, sunset from Cape Naturaliste. AND Pilates.
Normally I would not have even considered trying to fit in Pilates to such an already busy awesome day, but really it was easy to do and was the perfect antidote to too much wine chocolate and cheese.
While I had brought my ipad with me intending to do a Pilates Anytime class, I hadn`t counted on not having enough battery or reception to actually use it. Undeterred I set up my mat to do my own workout instead. This was hands down the best view I have ever had while doing Pilates (and I have down Pilates looking out over Sydney Harbour at sunset).



My workout lasted 30 minutes and consisted of:
Standing roll down
Prone extension
Single leg kick

Supine gluts stretch
Roll up
Chest lift
Dead bug abdominals
Single leg stretch
Double leg stretch

Followed by a quick dip in the ocean and then a walk where we ran into this little guy.


So cute but very tired and confused and definitely not supposed to be there on his own. The people who had seen him before us had called wildlife protection so hopefully he is now being well looked after.


About Laura

I am a practising physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor living in Newcastle, Australia. My interests include chronic pain, Pilates for rehabilitation, gymnastics and the brain/mind body connection. I love shopping, skiing and travelling and hate watermelon.
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